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• b. good vogel

contemporary jazz; [acoustic, electronic duo]

Marc Vogel und Lukas Schiemer combine contemporary acoustic Jazz with electronic elements and popular grooves. Based on the minimalistic acoustic setup and their main instruments saxophones and drums, the musicians set foot on new terrain. Synths, voice, samples and loops are captured, generated and modified via masterkeyboard, sample pad und computer. The use of extended electronics makes it possible to increase the intimacy of the Duo-setup to a seemingly far bigger ensemble - without loosing its charm of authenticity and live-ness.
Full of contrasts.

Lukas Schiemer - Saxes, realtime audio manipulation, voice
Marc Vogel - drums, sample pad

Recordings on Soundcloud and in the section Media.

+ 10.8.17: Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Bali/Indonesia
+ 9.8.17: Jakarta/Indonesia
+ 7.6.17: Video-Concert Loop Vienna
+ 9.3.17: Town Hall Mödling, presenting the novel "Koryphäen" by Gudrun Büchler
+ 23.2.17: ÖGL (Austrian Society f. Literature) presenting the novel "Koryphäen" by Gudrun Büchler
+ 23.6.16: Session-Opener Freifeld Session Vienna
+ 9.6.16: Theater Kosmos Bregenz

b. good vogel
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Barry Good

This is a brand new Quintet that was put togehter by saxophone player and singer Lukas Schiemer. BARRY GOOD play goove oriented Vocal Jazz with elements of Hip Hop and Soul.
With the debut album "And how are you?", Lukas Schiemer presents a whole new facet of his artistic creation.

Line up:
Lukas Schiemer - reeds, vocals;  http://www.lukasschiemer.com/musik/barry-good
Alois Eberl - trombone;
Simon Raab - keys;
Philipp Kienberger - bass;
Marc Vogel - drums;

Barry Good facebook

Live dates:
+ 7.2.17: Alter Schl8hof Wels
+ 3.2.17: Spielboden Dornbirn
+ 1.10.16: INSEL.KLANG.TAGE 2016 Vindobona Vienna
+ 11.12.15: CD-Presentation Radiokulturhaus Studio 3 Vienna
+ 13.11.15: Session-Opener Café Hegelhof Vienna
+ 16.10.15: Schwarzberg Vienna

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